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Brewery Wuxi, China

WUXI, China
Looking out for a chance to grow, in 2017 we came across a stunning opportunity to go into partnership with Starobelsky pivovar a.s. and our Chinese partner. This partnership gave us a chance to bring our beer to the world´s largest consumer of beer - China. And things went far beyond our expectations. What first seemed just like a new selling outlet grew into much more, with us having a chance to build a brewery of our own in China. And we took up the challenge.

After a year of work, we now have a fully operational brewery making a fantastic Czech lager.

A brilliant work by a Czech architect made it possible for our brewery to be nicely set inside Rose Park in the city of Wuxi - a unique park with vast rose fields spread across the area and many cultural events and activities held regularly – a beautiful getaway for locals and tourists from outside of Jiangsu province alike welcoming over 120 000 visitors every year.

Our brewery was built in a historical design so it´s not only a place where our beer is brought to life. With an onsite pub it´s rather a place to enjoy it in a genuine beer environment.

Our brewery is 100% owned and run by Royal Czech Beer. We are very particular about our beer being brewed to meet with the quality management standards. Only Czech hops and malt are used with the brewing process by our on-site Czech brewmaster. We believe this is the only way to bring out the best of Czech beer. Our brewery has a monthly output of 10 000 liters and delivers beer to local bars and pubs.


Štěpánská 615/24
110 00 Praha 1

tel.: +420 277 771 122