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Enjoy beer from a place that is demonstrably the oldest brewery on the European continent.

Enjoy liquid jewelry from a brewery in Prague, whose existence is over a thousand years old.

Enjoy Czech beer from the Břevnov Monastery, where, according to written records, the golden liquid was already brewed in 993.

In the center of Europe lies a country whose culture and society is strongly connected with beer.
The Czechs cook and drink it like no other nation in the world.

Well, a lot and long time. 

The Břevnov Monastery and its brewery are the best proof of this. It boasts the oldest written mention of the existence of a brewery in Europe. It is clear that beer was brewed and drank back thousands of years, but only the Prague monastery has a preserved note in the chronicle about the local brewery, which was founded in parallel with the monastery itself in 993.

And when you are standing in the middle of the monastery complex today, you will realize the power and beauty of the beer tradition. To what extent beer has influenced and is influencing the whole Czech nation. Is he a thirst killer? A nutritional source? Ritual drink? Means of communication? Cultural idol? Yes, all these features have beer for the Czech nation.

Yes, Czech beer is one of the best in the world. For one simple reason. It is excellent because it is cooked from high quality ingredients according to the traditional recipes. But how does water, malt, yeast and hops become a social phenomenon that has brought people together for centuries? How can beer become a national symbol?

Perhaps you will understand this when you get a pint of beer in the monastery pub and look at the beautifully clear golden color of beer, crowned with beautiful white foam…
When you toast and hear a loud "Cheers!"…

And when you drink and feel the smooth stroke of malt, ending with a bitter hint of hops…
Then you realize and understand the power of the phenomenon about which so many books, songs, movies have been created in the Czech Republic…

Yes, you have to come to the center of Europe to experience this. To the Czech Republic. To Prague. To the Břevnov Monastery. But you can have a little tasting right now.



The Royal Czech Beer brewery does not use chemical preservatives or substitutes. We only use malt, hops, water and yeast. Unlike so many global conglomerates, we do not use modern methods and technologies to accelerate production and maturation. We understand that good beer needs time.

Time is what we give our beer. After double mashing and two-phase bottom fermentation, we wait, sometimes for several months, for the beer to mature properly. The result is Royal Czech Beer, with its full and harmonious taste, the same taste that brought worldwide fame to Czech beer.

Apart from good quality malt and hops , good quality beer requires the purest water. It is for this reason that Royal Czech Beer is brewed with soft spring water that rises from mountain sources. Its unique taste means it is not possible to brew Czech beer elsewhere abroad.

The final ingredient, a special brewer´s yeast, has seen widespread use in the Czech Republic since the middle of 19th century.

How we do it? 


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